SUN ‘n FUN is Kid-Friendly FUN – April 4-9, 2017

SUN ‘n FUN is Kid-Friendly FUN – April 4-9, 2017

We are already starting to hear the sound of planes flying over Lakeland, marking the start of the annual SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo. Beginning Tuesday, April 4, Lakeland will host approximately 200,000 guests, volunteers, sponsors, performers, and exhibitors over the next 6 days at the 2nd largest fly-in event in the world, held right here in Lakeland. Whether you are a pilot, aviation enthusiast, or just looking for a fun family-friendly event, SUN ‘n FUN has something for everyone.

SUN ‘n FUN is also the perfect way to introduce children to the world of aviation. You can view more than 4,500 aircraft from homebuilts to warbirds on the 1,000 acre SUN ‘n FUN campus, attend kids workshops, play in the KidZone, tour the Aerospace Discovery at Florida Air Museum, and catch special events such as the Flight to Honor, afternoon Air Shows, Saturday morning hot air balloon launch, nighttime Air Shows Wednesday and Saturday, and MUCH MORE!

Many of you have likely watched the airshows from the side of the road near the airport, but if you’ve never been inside SUN ‘n FUN you are missing out on the MANY other features of this great annual event. Make this the year you check it out!

Fun Fact: During the week of SUN ‘n FUN the Lakeland Airport becomes the world’s busiest airport with over 14,000 aircraft operations with-in the span of a week.

It can be daunting to take kids to a new event, or any event that covers a large area, is mostly outside in the sun, and requires a commitment of a good part of the day, but with our handy tips below, you’ll be a pro before you even hit the entry gates!

Helpful Tips & Admission Info

Before You Go
Things To Take With You
Things NOT to Take With You
Directions & Parking
Admission Rates & Deals

SUN ‘n FUN Activities for Kids

Piedmont Aerospace Labs Workshops
Aviation Themed Kid Zone
Aerospace Discovery at Florida Air Museum
Student Tours - Must be Booked in Advance
Exploring the Planes and Displays

SUN ‘n FUN Family-Friendly Special Events

Daily Airshows - featuring the Blue Angels
Night Airshows - Wednesday & Saturday
Hot Air Balloon Launch
Classic Car & Motorcycle Show
Flight to Honor Returns - Thursday, April 6 at 6pm


Aerospace Educators' Workshop - Saturday from 8am-2pm

Are you a SUN ‘n FUN pro? Have experience taking kids? Leave a comment below and we’ll add your suggestions to our list!

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